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Microsoft Excel Dashboard Development

Every business aims to use Excel Dashboards for data reporting, tracking, and analytics but cannot harness the features of MS Excel. CtoB Solutions is a seasoned expert in MS Excel Dashboard designing & development. You name it, and we know how to do it.

We design Dashboards based on your business needs and make them automated and user-friendly to better utilize the features it offers. MS Excel Dashboards works as both Data Insights & Analytics, performance Insights, and reporting management all in one.

Our Dashboard development assists in predicting, simulating, redesign & arranging data, and planning to achieve business operations goals.

Our Dashboards come with:

• Better visualizations & analysis through charts & graphs.
• Better modelling, graphics and VBA.
• Easily customization for business needs.
• Serves as a single access point for all business functions .

Reporting Consulting

Excel reports may look tedious because of the manual inputs, multiple sheets and improper data siloes make it tough for the user. However, CtoB Solutions saves your time by automating the reporting workflow. The automated reports helps in unlocking the power of data, visualize and drives data driven decision making and conversations.

We work on setting your reporting tool on autopilot so that you do not have to write a new report every day. We care for your time, hence our reporting consulting aims to-

• Create engaging Excel reports
• Provides in-depth report analysis
• Broader customization options, custom formulas and KPIs
• Automatics report sharing within and outside business

Excel/MIS Automation

MS Excel is a hands-on tool only if you know how to get the best out of it. It is where you need CtoB experts to get better insights on the automation of Excel applications. We plan a roadmap by determining and analyzing your business requirements to develop a custom Excel MIS (Management Information System).

From export & import within Microsoft staff, from preparing/raising questions to share contacts for analysis and reporting, we link data to get easy to cross-refer reports, making it a more meaningful automation tool. An automated Excel/MIS solution helps in-

• Improving staff efficiency
• Comprehensive and relevant reporting
• Adaptable to rapidly changing data and requirements
• Fully integrated, covering most aspects of business
• Efficient monitoring of prospects/leads/orders
• Regularization of business processes

Excel Analysis & Visualization

Business is all about growing numbers, whether it is performance or planning. But, just numbers cannot transfer the meaning of the data unless it is sketched and designed for impactful communication. Microsoft Excel Data Analysis experts at CtoB drive digital transformation by presenting information in a format that improves decision-making. We define visual communication strategies, guidelines for real-time data, building reporting plans in MS Excel in tables, charts, column charts, line graphs, pivot tables, and many other formats.

To make any data meaningful, we need to mine, organize, process and analyze data so that it does not work as isolated components. MS Excel data analysis and visualization assist in leveraging the true potential of data through visual representation.

Excel Data Visualisation & Analytics helps in:
• Informed decision making
• Gaining real-time insights
• Replacing cluttered reports
• Breaking complex data through charts and graphs.

Bespoke Excel Application/Tool Development

CtoB is an expert in MS Excel Application/Tool development. No matter the type or size of the business, we create/ develop the best custom MS Excel tools that make it simple and easy for anyone to use and saves a reasonable amount of time and money throughout the process. Whether you have different functional requirements or use various software, we develop Excel tools through advanced VBA programming, BI dashboards, data visualizations, automated processes, and standardizing the integration with any Microsoft application.

Our bespoke Excel application development is equipped with advanced MS Excel features such as PowerPivot, Excel Macros, advanced dashboards, Scorecards (executive), and many more. You name it, and you get it.


Ever since its launch, Microsoft Excel has been excelling when it comes to businesses. With the advancement of technology, it has many new features apart from its basic working. These advanced features can help businesses deal with stock lists, inventory, sale numbers, payroll data, sale forecasts, volumes by location, analytics, and much more.

But it is also true that managing such important data into sheets is a tricky and time-consuming task. And with the in-house team, it can also cost you huge money. Thus, many companies prefer to outsource Microsoft Excel work to offshore companies like us.

Managing all your work on Excel with the help of experts will help you reduce the costs & workload and increase the efficiency & flexibility of strategies created with focused and valuable minds. To achieve such sustainability in one place, you must use our exceptional Microsoft Excel outsourcing services.


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  • Execllent!!

Your Excel training has helped me to improve my efficiency and deliver interactive reports and dashboards. This training is very helpful ...

Srikanth MK
Manager- Management Information Systems at HGS - Hinduja Global Solutions Srikanth MK
  • Execllent!!

Great work, Excel and dashboard training was very helpful to me to improve my Excel Knowledge and able to automate...

Janardhanan R
Consultant at Capgemini Janardhanan R
  • Execllent!!

The in-depth knowledge that are provided during the sessions are remarkable. The session are designed in such a way that anyone can catch up...

Simran Kaur Badan
Data Science | Python | SQL | Flask | ML and AI Simran Kaur Badan
  • Execllent!!

Pankaj is a great MS Excel Teacher. I would love to get him for future Excel training. From beginner to advanced level...

Michelle Magabo Paladin
Operations Manager - Hinduja Global Solutions Michelle Magabo Paladin